The Sundering

First Session

In this installment, we were introduced to the brave heroes of Isthmir. These brave souls are tasked with bringing back word of the Red Lady, the long time guide for the Steward.

They rescue her from a cult of some kind who are busy mining eerie, greenish, lightly glowing stones from the caverns below her temple home.

The Heroes are NOT able to rescue her brave apprentice who bravely steps forward to face a newly arrived threat in the caverns. This new threat is immensely powerful, and tears the young mans soul from his body, fracturing it into 4 pieces and scattering the pieces on the winds.

The Dark Stranger summons a beast of unspeakable horror and the party is forced to flee for their lives.

The terrible power released in the summoning served a more sinister purpose still. It was a beacon for something greater and more terrible than the men and women of Isthmir or our brave heroes can possibly comprehend.



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