Annakah Snow is the Captain of the City Guard in Eratheon


Annakah did not fit in with other girls. She did not sew, she did not paint, she did not cook, nor did she clean. She was at home with sticks, “sword-fighting” the boys. Her parents lost patience, but her Uncle took her as his ward as he had no children. Her uncle, the old Captain made her his squire and taught her to mend armor and sharpen swords, and care for his horses. He put her through school at the Temple of the Holy Seven where she developed a strong faith, and love of the kingdom.

Her uncle marched out to protect the city from attack, and as usual, Annakah rode out with him. In the battle, bloody and fierce, her uncle was struck by a stray arrow. It caught him in the throat and with his last breaths, he passed his Sword of Office to his niece and told her to protect their city. She cut down his attacker. After the battle, the City Guard honored the young girl with a position among them. She excelled in her training and his been promoted quickly to Captain. (One of 7 Captains)


Annakah is a soldier first and foremost, but fights as a holy warrior to keep the Gods and the Kings peace within the city, and protects it from all threats foreign and domestic. While initially ridiculed by her male squad mates, she has proven herself time and time again to be a capable commander, and while unorthodox, her men follow her almost fanatically. Many know her name and respect her, but some who are still close-minded feel that a woman should NEVER have been allowed on the city guard, much less be promoted to Captain. Annakah often engages in tournaments to test herself against the mightiest opponents in the kingdom. She has never lost a match. She fights under the Colors of the Lost King. A golden lion on a scarlet field. She fights for the True King and the Seven.


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