The Red Lady

The Red Lady. Advisor to the Kingdom. Also called the Red Watcher, and The Teacher.


The Red Lady makes her home at Wyrmrest Temple, just north of Eratheon. She keeps the temple in reverence to the Dragon Aspects, chosen of the Gods. She also takes in the Kingdom’s orphans and raises them as her own. In her school, students are instructed in common skills: blacksmithing, leatherworking, writing, mathematics, even medicine, so that the orphans can return to the Kingdom and contribute to society. Some who mistrust the Red Lady will say that the school trains warriors to eventually rebel against the Kingdom, but these rumors are unfounded.


Little is known about the Red Lady. She seems to serve the Kingdom faithfully, regardless of who is leading. Several High Lords would rather see her out of the picture, but one does not dare harm the Red Lady, and she is loved by the Kingdom and something of a folk hero.

The Red Lady

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