Beyond Isthmir

The people and government of Isthmir do not hate or fear outsiders and frequently trade with them. Their geographical isolation is by choice. Isthmir is a relatively advanced society, and outsiders, they fear, would use the magic and advancements of the Isthmirans to wage war.

Still there are those outside Isthmir who would pillage this great land and take its resources for their own. As such, there are frequent skirmishes with the Wyld men of the North who make there home north of the Great Wall. Pirates sail to Isthmirs shores from the east and have taken up residence in the Iron Islands. The unforgiving terrain makes a formal military action to resolve the threat impossible.

Rumors also abound of the return of the Dark Ones. Goblins, full-orcs, trolls and kobolds to the land of Isthmir from the Southern Shield mountains. Ages ago, as punishment for dark magic and crimes against creation the Dark Ones were banished, though occasionally they organize and march into the fertile plains of Isthmir.

To the West lie the free Cities. Charon being the most populous. Charon is a sprawling stone structure in the Bay of Daggers (off the coast of the Western Continent). A place of artisans, magic and craftsmen. They remain on good terms with Isthmir and frequently engage in trade.

Beyond Isthmir

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