Creation refers to the created universe consisting of the following planes of existence:

The Mortal Plane: Earth, the World

Elemental Plane of Fire: A great conflagration of a landscape. The air is often thick with black smoke. The ground red-hot metal, with rivers and streams of molten rock. The city of Brass is the only somewhat habitable settlement, and even this is home to cruel beings. Not all denizens of the Plane of Fire are corrupt, but many are a product of their harsh environment.

Elemental Plane of Earth: A plane of tumbling, shifting earth. A sea of thick viscous mud, with towering granite mountains rising from the depths. Some areas experience intense heat as the plane of Earth borders the plane of Fire. Home to the mythical Deep Dwarves.

Elemental Plane of Water: This plane is an endless ocean of variable temperature. Fantastic creatures stalk the depths. Vast unknowable creations of the Titans are rumored to lurk in the darkest reaches.

Elemental Plane of Air: A vast expanse of open sky dotted with celestial bodies. Home to the Githyanki and Githerzai Tribesman. Look out for pirates. Home of the 4 Lords of the Winds. Also home to the Rham Ka’haen people.

Plane of Light: Heaven. No one knows much about its true nature.

Plane of Shadow: Hell. No one knows much about its true nature.


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