Eratheon is the capital city of Isthmir. The city is situated on the southeastern coast of the country, and experiences a temperate climate year round. The city has a series of 3 walls in a ring pattern to protect the city. Between each set of walls are defensive structures for defending the city from attackers.

Eratheon is home to some 20,000 residents. Many people within the nation of Isthmir make their living in or around the city, though there are much smaller holdfasts in each county, governed by a High Lord.

The most prominent feature of the city is the Temple of the Holy Seven. Seven multi-colored crystal capped spires rise from the muted grey skyline of the city.

The castle structure is by far the largest structure in terms of area. It is a 4 story heavy stone structure, with few embellishments except for carvings near the ground depicting the history of Isthmir. It is obvious when viewing the castle, that it was first and foremost a large fortress, and still serves as such in times of war.


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