Gods and Mortals

The Gods worshiped in Isthmir are old beings. They are powerful beings who have existed before the dawn of time as men know it.

The Gods were created by the cruel and morally bankrupt Primordials or Titans. The Primordials sought to create a universe filled with creatures so that they would have life energy to feed upon. The Gods were created to shape and tend this “Garden”. The Gods took pity on Creation and rebelled against the Primordials in order to free Creation from their grip and save the beings inhabiting the planes.

The Gods found though that they were powerless against the Primordials, and several Gods were destroyed and consumed as their own pride had corrupted them. While the Gods championed the cause of the Mortals, many grew petty and resentful which led to their downfall.

The wiser Gods knew they would not be able to fight their masters themselves, and so created the Dragon Aspects to be champions of the Created Universe. The Dragon Aspects took to the sky and battled fiercely with the Primordials, and their ultimate monstrosity, the Tarrasque.

Even the might of the Dragon Wings could not slay the beast, and the Gods turned to men… whose courage and will to survive this war allowed them to conquer the beast and send it back to the shadowy realm from whence it came.

Without their mighty Tarrasque, the Primordials were destroyed. Their form and substance was added to Creation and expanded the realm of Men and Dragons. For their service, the Dragon Aspects were given the whole of Creation and all the Universe to rule wisely and justly. Men were given their freedom from tyranny and allowed to populate the world.

Even this arrangement though was not to last… many dragons have grown ill-tempered, violent, and jealous of the mortals… their once proud shining armor has been reduced to a flat dull and ugly thing. Vile creatures are these that prowl the world and work evil to enhance their own power.

Gods and Mortals

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