During the last war (200 years prior), the King’s Line of succession became threatened by assassin’s from across the sea. In order to protect the King’s son went into hiding and became a student of Alekstrasza, know to the Kingdom as the Red Lady, a wise seer woman and adviser of the King who keeps a temple in reverence to the Dragon Aspects.

During the war, the King was killed and the line broken. A Steward was selected by the Red Lady and the Council of Lords and the Line of Stewards has governed the Kingdom in absence of the True Heir for two centuries.

The common people, while happy with their Steward anxiously await the Return of the True King and believe that it will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity.

Others fear the return of the King with threaten their power and weaken their hold over their territory.

As always in the Kingdom, the High Lords each rule a territory and pay tribute to the King. If the King were to return, their individual power and authority would be reduced… Some Lords who have grown fat and comfortable in their position would do anything to prevent his return.

Still though, the Line continues… In secret, in hiding. The Red Lady has never identified the True Heir, but rumors abound that He is one of her past or current ‘students’ at the Temple.

Currently, the Steward is old and frail. He is dying. The Lords are hoping to elect a new Steward with even less backbone than the current Steward so they can increase their power even more. They would see a puppet ruler installed which would critically weaken the Kingdom, and this show of weakness would undoubtedly provoke attacks from those who would see Isthmir razed to the ground.


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