Isthmir is the principle nation in which the story takes place. It is situated on a narrow strip of land, bordered in the north by the Great Wall and the Frozen Wastes, and in the south by the Shield Mountains. By virtue of ingenuity or geography, it is relatively isolated, though some brave traders have routes to lands beyond the borders.

Isthmir’s relatively mild climate makes the nation somewhat self sufficient. Trading with foreigners certainly has its perks, but the people of Isthmir could do without just as easily.

Isthmir is officially a Monarchy with one Sovereign Ruler, however, due to a brutal conflict with a formerly allied island nation 2 centuries ago, the King’s bloodline stepped aside and went into hiding on the advice of Alekstrazsa, the Red Lady. The Red Lady has always been a faithful servant of the Realm and took the King’s children into the Wyld Country to keep them safe from assassin’s from across the sea.

Currently, there is a system of Stewardship in the Kingdom. The Steward governs the capital, Eratheon and surrounding territories, while The House of Lords, the next most powerful nobles and their houses each govern a territory of the country.


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