Humans make up the majority of the citizens of Isthmir and are found everywhere.

Halflings are common in the Southern plains.

Dwarves make their home in the southern Shield Mountains.

Gnomes used to coexist with them, but have since moved into the cities of Isthmir.

Elves are rare outside of their forests, but a few adventure seeking younglings have made names for themselves in Eratheon.

Half-elves are somewhat common and accepted more readily among humans than among elves.

Half-orcs (or some lesser fraction of orc-bloodedness) are also common among the human population. A reminder of the atrocities of the Last War. While many are regarded as normal members of society, some who still remember the fires of war distrust the orc-blooded and fear them. Many half orcs make their living as heavy laborers or prize-fighters.

What a shock to those who revile the orc-blooded when the Steward named as his advisor, an Orc-blood Shaman who professes to commune with the elements and the fabled Dragon Aspects themselves. Many think it madness… shamanism being a backward practice, but the Steward claims a desire to preserve balance and order in the world.


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